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Universal Windshield Cover®

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Effectively blocks hot sun and heat

  • Over time, the   UV rays may cause damage to your car’s electronics, dashboard, leather and seats.

  • Universal Windshield Cover®  is designed to keep your vehicle’s interior cool and comfortable.

Universal fit

  • Fits perfectly to most standard cars, sedans, mid-size SUVs or trucks

High-quality appearance

  • The innovative twin-support car windshield sunshades are premium quality with   high-density UV reflective material and using heat reduction technology which blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and heat.

Lightweight and foldable

  • Universal Windshield Cover® is easily foldable  for storage in the trunk or rear of your vehicle, so you   can bring it on camping trips, and on your daily commute.

Product Specifications:

  • Color:  Silver
  • Product Dimensions: Standard Size (59″W x 41″L) | XL Size (70″W x 41″L)
  • Package Includes:
    1 x Universal Windshield Cover®
    2 x Suction Cups