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SealPro™ Mini Sealer

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Always keep your chips, snacks and food fresh and crispy!



  Heat Bag Sealer: Always keep your chips, snacks and food fresh and crispy!

 Easy to Use:  Press it for 5 seconds to start heating. Put the bag to be sealed in the middle and slowly pull it at a constant speed.

✔ Compact and Portable: Unlike bulky bag vacuum sealer machine, this mini bag sealer length only 10 cm. (3.9 in.)

✔ Easy to Store: With magnet on the back can be attached to the refrigerator.



The SealPro™  Mini Sealer is a MUST have for every snack lover.

At home or work - The SealPro™ Mini Sealer  seals all plastic bags in a matter of seconds creating an air tight container preventing food going stale without the clips, clamps, and rubber bands.

Ensure fresh, crispy  snacks  and a refreshing break no matter where you are.

It's truly compact size makes it  the perfect household gadget. Store it in your drawer or on the refrigerator door with the magnet on the back.

Perfect gift for every cook, hunter, fisher, camper and traveler, making it  a true "no-brainer" for every kitchen. 

Have you ever worried about containers leaking or opening and creating a mess in your purse when you head off to work? N ow you can keep your sandwich, fruit snack, salad, or any other food safe and sound.  Keep rodents and bugs out of the food!



  • 3.5in x 1.5in x 2.3in
  • 9cm x 4cm x 6cm


  • Power:  2 x AA battery (Not included)


  • ABS+ Stainless Steel
  • Metal