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Perfect Double Egg Poacher®

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Wh y Perfect Double Egg Poacher®?

  • Cook   perfect poached  eggs  easily!

  • Eggs are  stapled in  every breakfast menu  all over the world.
  • Cooking eggs may seem simple but there are also  technicalities involved especially if you love eating the  perfectly poached egg.

  • The   Perfect Double Egg Poacher®  just made cooking egg  simple and a lot  easier.
  • You can have a  perfectly cooked egg in under 2 minutes without heating a pan!

Perfect Double Egg Poacher

  • Just fill the  Perfect Double Egg Poacher®  with water, crack an egg in, place the lid on and put it inside the microwave for about two minutes.  

Perfect Double Egg Poacher

  • Individual colanders   allow you to drain and serve eggs in one.
  • Features a lid that  contains a steam vent  for   perfect cooking.

Perfect Double Egg Poacher

  • For making omelets   remove the inner tray  and   fill with your favorite omelet ingredients.
  • BPA free;  dishwasher, freezer, and microwave   safe.

Perfect Double Egg Poachers – ferriswardrobe

Product Specifications:

  • Product Material: Food Grade Heat Resistant PVC
  • Product Weight: 5.1 lb
  • Package Includes:  1 x  Perfect Double Egg Poacher®