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Fossil Dinosaur Explorer (50% OFF NOW!)

50% OFF NOW!

Different from the science books which make kids boring, the dinosaur egg excavation kit encourages children to learn about science of paleontology with fun via digging up the dinosaur egg.

Before digging, you don't know which dinosaur is in the egg. It's easy to stimulate kids' interest to exploration. Every dinosaur egg is a surprise.

Feel like a real paleontologist excavating up unique toy dinosaurs from the dino eggs. Find a T-rex, Dilophosaurus, Ankylosaurus and much more! Our dinosaur egg toy will bring your kids more than a toy.


  • 12 UNIQUE DINOSAURS! - Classify and Match the Dinosaurs you discover with the included species classification guide!
  • EXCAVATE LIKE A PROThis kit includes a classification guide with facts on all 12 included dinosaurs you and your child will discover.
  • LEARN & PLAY!As exciting as it is educational, our dinosaur egg excavation kit encourages your child to learn about dinosaurs and the science of paleontology in a fun, hands on way.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR KIDS - Play with your kids, inspire children's creativity and imagination, and cultivate their interest in science, these dinosaur eggs is an ideal gift for kids and they will love it.

  • 1 Dinosaur Egg
  • 1 Tool