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About us

Hi! We are Edith and Erica, twin sisters with a passion for creativity — creativity makes us happy. We are affectionately called the Chubby Twins, literally due to our slightly meatier bodies and well our love for food! :p We're excited to source for creatively unique items that benefits you so we can all make something beautiful together.

We believe passionately in  travel, naps, good food, great  friends, long talks, broadened horizons + a  spirit of adventure.

Our catalog ranges from style trends and creative pieces to useful beauty items, efficient home appliances, latest in vehicle accessories, and more...

All our items are sourced worldwide direct from manufacturers. We keep out the middleman to keep prices as affordable as possible for you. Our warehouses are located worldwide  (Hey Chicago! Hello Hong Kong! Hi Berlin!)

We hope you enjoy the shopping experience with us! We would also love to hear any suggestions and feedback to us via email at admin@nahnastore.com


Nahna Team